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Some opinions and experiences of patients, colleagues and friends

Francesco, Graduated in International Relations. 24

“I met Sara Campolonghi three years ago, when I had already started to modify my diet by myself, since I wanted to lose some weight. Yet in a few talks she completely changed my way of looking at alimentation: she explained me the qualities of different kinds of food, the health risks of certain industrial products – some of which are very popular – and, what counts the most, she suggested me how and even where to easily get healthy food in a metropolitan area such as Rome.  Moreover, thanks to Sara’s advice, I am now able to cook my dishes in a healthier way, but as tasty as before: for example, by using spices in place of salt, or by introducing certain vegetables. 

Furthermore, being a psychologist, Sara applies a ‘soft’ approach in her job, which fosters cooperation from the patient in changing his lifestyle. Last but not least, she takes full advantage of social networking, by publishing useful tips for a good diet on a daily basis. I personally consider that modern Western society, with its obesity rate and poor alimentary education, needs higher numbers of such a professional figure.”

Domenico Tiso, MD, President of ASAS Italian Association for Health.

“Dr. Sara Campolonghi is a trained person, accurate and reliable. What strikes me about her, in particular, is the passion and motivation which she tackles any project and initiative with. I consider her prone to listening and proactivity, and cut out for teamwork. I personally believe that Dr. Sara Campolonghi is a very earnest and responsible person, she can be a virtuous resource in any context.”

Andrea, Student, film-maker and actor. 23

“I didn’t expect I could appreciate so much such a different eating style and healthier food, unlike what I was used to, and lose weight at the same time. Thanks to Sara now I am more aware and careful about what I put in my mouth and my body, I am feeling much better and losing weight without sacrifices. I will go on, definitely!”

Fabiana, Make-up artist. 33

“I met Sara a long time ago and I appreciate her both as a friend and as a professional. She helped me live my coeliac disease not as a limit, but as a possibility for a different and healthy eating, and I’m really experiencing this change now, during my pregnancy. I absolutely have no cravings for junk food, and my eyes shine only for fruit and vegetables!

Stefano, Lawyer and Conductor. 38

I was managing my daily life badly, and I was frequently ill in the past. Dr. Campolonghi has really helped me:  since I took advice from her, I started and learned to eat more consciously, and today I am doing excercise with pleasure; my daily habits have changed and I’ve lost weight gradually. I am a different person now, healthier and happier than before.

Tavolata (2)

Clarissa, Child care Center teacher. 32

I attended one of Dr. Campolonghi’s speeches last year during an interesting big congress about healthy lifestyle, that she organised with her association Asas for Health in Piacenza. Her talk about the importance of a healthy eating was so engaging that it gave a great boost to my desire for change. 

Her inspiring words made me understand how what we eat affects us and our health, and that the only way of changing our life and eating style is our inner willing of doing that.”

Isabella, Secretary. 52

“I tried lots of diets. I usually was so nervous, frustrated, I wanted to quit… but since I met Dr. Campolonghi, talking and working with her, I’m actually seeing things clearly; everything becomes easier to do. I don’t feel guilty or ashamed anymore because now I know I am not failing but changing my habits progressively, step by step, enjoying the achievements and working on the next aims. With her I can see the way to handle problems and difficulties with confidence and more peacefully. She makes me feel good.”

Micaela, Employee. 42

I began this path with Dr. Campolonghi getting practical guidelines, that could leave out problems due to bad nutrition. Then we started analysing automatic behaviours, emotions and states of mind that influenced the way I looked at and judged myself.
Not a diet, but a way to recover ourselves and our freedom!

Ignazia, Employee. 49

“Before I met Dr. Campolonghi, I had tried to lose weight but with poor results, I take lots of cortisone and for me it is not easy to lose weight … in nearly two months of “non-diet” but healthy eating, I’ve already lost almost 6 pounds, but what makes me happiest is that my blood analysis have been getting better, and I’ve reduced the dose of cortisone! There is still much to be done but I am determined to continue my experience with my health coach and healthy eating.”
“I am very glad I met you, Dr. Campolonghi, I am not an outgoing person, I  am not  good with words, but I like you very much not only as a professionist, but also as a person.”

Maria Cecilia, Lowyer. 60

“Dr. Campolonghi is the only person who succeeded- with cheerfulness and perseverance – in dismantling my armor, making me able to see myself and the world I live in more realistically and allowing me to think that I can change and improve my life, in all fields.”

Many thanks to all of you for your statements and support!

Sara Campolonghi (MClinPsych, NTDC)

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