Who I am

I am an enthusiastic clinical and health psychologist, health coach, trainer, educator, and nutritional therapist, expert on Eating and life-style behaviours, obesity and related diseases.

What I do for people

Several years ago, as a Clinical and health psychologist, I decided to build a new interdisciplinary competence linking together Healthy Eating, Psychology and Coaching, in order to fill the gap existing between the dietologists’ and nutritionists’ prescriptions, that is, knowledge and theoretical advice about what everyone should do or eat to lose weight and stay healthy, and the effective and concrete change of behavior, habits, knowledge and awareness about food, eating, exercise, every aspect of the daily routine management that really allow people to enjoy good health, lose and maintain their body-weight without efforts and staying healthy steadily.

Usually doctors simply prescribe people diets to follow, but food is strictly connected with people’s lives, culture or stories, personal taste, opinions, their personal and social world. On the other hand, psychologists are often focused on feelings or motivation only without taking into account how bad food and wrong habits can influence brain, mental processes and behaviour.

But when peolpe go back home, living the daily routine, it is impossible for them to keep a strict diet forever, maintain a stable weight and a good and balanced and satisfying relation with food, or their own body, and change their wrong habits just working on feelings.

People rather need a guide who can help them change the previous unhealthy routine with a different one they are not used to, proceeding step by step, and discovering that it is much easier than expected.

They need practical advice to know for instance how to buy groceries consciously or read lables correctly, how to combine different food in a meal or cook a particular vegetable or beans, what are the best choises in a restaurant’s menu.

Peolple also need to understand the reasons of their desire for some kind of food, to distinguish the right signals of hunger and fullness, improve their organization skills to settle the lunch at work, outdoor, with family.

And much more.

My mission

This is my job, and my purpose: make people aware and independent about their daily routines, eating and weight management; allow them to improve their knowledge and practical skills about food, cooking and activity, eating behavior and emotions, connections between brain and body signals, etc.; make them curious, happy and satisfied, learning and doing things to improve their own wellbeing and health by themselves everyday.

What’s more, I am working hard to change the attitude of people and the common culture about food and nutrition, in order to modify the way people and families choose their nourishment every day.

All this, definitely enhances the quality of life of people.

Sara Campolonghi (MClinPsych, NTDC)

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